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Definition of RMI: A type of MIDI file with RIFF format created by Microsoft. The MCI RMI sequencer plays standard MID files and resource interchange file format (RIFF) MIDI files, known as RMID files.

SMF is Standard MIDI File. DLS is Downloadable sounds Level.


1. convert rmi to mp3, Launch RMI to MP3 MAKER, click the Open button, select a RMI file.

2. Change the output name if necessary, which must be an MP3 file. Or click the Browse button to name the file in a directory.

3. Then click the convert button, the conversion will start. Please make sure you can hear normal sound volume of the RMI file when converting, otherwise check Windows Volume Control.

4. After convert rmi to mp3, click the Play button to listen to the MP3 file with Windows Media Player. Before start the next conversion, please exit Windows Media Player.

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5. If you feel the output MP3 volume is smaller or louder or distorted, adjust the volume control of the program, or "Volume control" or "Wave" of Windows Volume Control. Then start conversion again. Try several times, you will get the appropriate output volume.

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