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Definition of MPEG1(MPEG-1): Moving Pictures Expert Group v1.0, a compressing video standard for VCD.

1. convert mpeg1 to mp3: If the MPEG1 file is encoded with 1.0 format, you do not need to install any additional MPEG decoder.

2 Launch "audio/video to MP3 maker", click the Open Media File button, select an mpeg file.

3. If you want to convert the whole audio from the mpeg1 file, set the Output File if needed, then click the convert button.


If you want to convert some part of audio from the mpeg1 file, drag the slide bar directly, or click the Play button to preview the media file, set the Start Time and the End Time. At last, click the convert button to start to convert mpeg1 to mp3.

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Definition is Digital video, a recording format that defines the storage and playback of compressed images and audio data on magnetic videotapes. You can convert dv to mp3 in Windows directly.

DVCAM is made by Sony, a semi-professional DV device.

DVCPRO is made by Panasonic.

Camcorder is digital camera recorder.

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