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MPEG4 (MPEG-4) Definition: Moving Picture Experts Group Version 4.

1. convert mpeg4 to mp3, please install the appropriate mpeg4 decoder and audio decoder based on Microsoft DirectShow.

2 Launch "audio/video to MP3 maker",click the Open Media File button, select an mpeg4 file.

3. If you want to convert the whole audio from the mpeg4 file, set the Output File if needed, then click the convert button.


If you want to convert some part of audio from the mpeg4 file, drag the slide bar directly, or click the Play button to preview the media file, set the Start Time and the End Time. At last, click the convert button to start to convert mpeg4 to mp3.

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3GPP2 means The Third Generation Partnership Project 2: 3GPP2 is a collaborative third generation (3G) telecommunications specifications-setting project, and comprising North American and Asian interests developing global specifications for 3G. 3GPP2 is global specifications for the radio transmission technologies (RTTs).

If you want to covnert 3GPP2 to mp3 or 3g2 to mp3, please install HDX4 codec or FFDSHOW.

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